Sister Organizations

Sister Organizations

Over the years ALPHA has expanded both the number and type of organizations it works with. ALPHA is close to several organizations or associations, whose work complements or converges with ALPHA’s. Together we share common work ethic, open-mindedness and vision. These formal or informal partnerships are helping ALPHA better its mission day after day. For 2015, ALPHA aims at sharing our respective expertise around common designed and written projects.

habilitation centerHabilitation Preschool of Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation – G. K. C. F.


Habilitation Preschool of Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation, a Lebanese NGO, is a specialized professional centre for Early Childhood Education and Habilitation. Habilitation Preschool is situated in Mar Elias Refugee Camp in Beirut and was established in 1986. Its Beneficiaries are Children with disabilities and their families. The Preschool runs an Intensive Habilitation Program for children, with multiple disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders, and their families. Its Clinical Program receives children of disabilities and learning difficulties for a one to one therapeutic intervention. The Preschool has an Occupational Therapy Workshop to design and manufacture postural support systems (seating, standing,….) for children with disabilities from all over Lebanon.

For more information please visit the Habilitation Preschool website or contact Mrs Nahla Ghandour, Habilitation Preschool Director at

Logo Mada   Mada association


Mada is a non- partisan, non-sectarian Lebanese NGO founded in 2000, striving to reinforce the link between local communities and their natural environment. Over the past years, Mada has developed a “territorial approach“, with a long-term focus on the Akkar, Hermel, and Donnieh regions of North Lebanon, and inspired by the vision of establishing a future Natural Park. Mada analyses and takes into consideration history, socio-economic structure, environmental resources, and the stakeholders involved in the territory (local citizens, NGOs, committees, authorities, institutions, schools, etc.). In the context of the Syrian crisis, Mada remains faithful to its developmental approach, while at the same time incorporating this new significant aspect in its new projects and adapting to the shifting priorities and needs of the area.  Mada’s work currently focuses on community mobilization and improvement of livelihoods, through women and youth empowerment, improvement of dialogue and relationships among host and refugee populations, and by working with small-scale farmers and other marginalized communities.

For more information please visit the Mada website or contact Isabelle Peillen, Executive Coordinator, at


crossarts  Cross Arts Cultural Association


Cross Arts  Cultural Association was founded in 2010 in Tripoli. The main mission of the association is to to develop the capacities of expression of the Lebanese youth and initiate a dialogue on citizenship through arts. Its projects and activities are designed to confront the logic of violence in all its forms, and to raise the level of individual and collective awareness about culture, development, education, children and youth and women issues.

For more information please visit Cross arts facebook page or contact Jean Hajjar, President, at

zoukak Zoukak Theatre Company & Cultural Association


Zoukak Theatre Company & Cultural Association has been created in 2006 from a need to develop a professional continuity between theatre practice and a belief in this practice as a political and social action against marginalizing systems.  An involvement that Zoukak strives to push beyond discourse through practical action within communities. Zoukak developed a special approach to drama therapy and socially engaged theater, giving workshops and training sessions and devising performances in different Lebanese regions and in various contexts. In 2014, ALPHA and ZOUKAK conducted together a project funded by the European Union to promote rapprochement between Lebanese and Syrian children in South Lebanon through theatre. 200 Lebanese and Syrian children acceded to knowledge and information regarding human rights and participated to collective performances questioning racist behaviours.

For more information please visite Zoukak website or contact Hashem Adnan at


Lebanese Labor Watch

For more informations please visit the Lebanese Labor Watch website or contact Ahmad Dirani, General Coordinator, at