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ALPHA benefits from the UNIFIL Capacity Building program

COOPERATION – During one month ALPHA benefited from its long partsnership with UNIFL. Indeed, the Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC) office and the Social Affairs Ministry’s Social Development Centre (SDC) in Tyre have been organizing Italian cooking classes in order to share “the secrets of the famous Italian cuisine”.

CIMIC conducted this class during 2 months supporting ALPHA’s efforts and action within the  local communities. Many women Lebanese and Syrian enjoyed the classes together.

Italian Battalion CIMIC officer, Lieutenant Salvaore Iovine, pointed out that “This is a perfect occasion for confidence building with all of these mothers and it is very important to bring them together… to share our tradition and to be here…”

In fact one the main tasks of CIMIC is to implement activities on gender equality and capacity building of locals as part of its peacekeeping operation according to the UN resolutions.


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